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Turpinal® products are high purity grades of etidronic acid and sodium etidronate which are suitable for use in cosmetics or any applications requiring a very low metal content.

The high purity of Turpinal® is guaranteed by thorough quality control procedures (including testing for microbiological contamination). Moreover, the certificate of analysis accompanying each batch contains detailed information covering chemical purity and trace metal content.

Turpinal® SL and Turpinal® 4NL are respectively the acid form and the tetra sodium salt of etidronic acid. They are colorless to slightly yellow liquids with a neutral odor. Turpinal® 4NP is the tetrasodium powder form of etidronic acid.

These products can be mixed with water in all ratios and have a strong complexing capacity in relation to polyvalent cations. The excellent complexing capacity for metals is exploited for the stabilization of H2O2-containing preparations and other preparations with active oxygen. The product is also suited for application in mercaptan – containing formulations and enhances the color stability of bar soaps. It is recommended that Turpinal® be added during production with a concentration of 0.1 – 2% with reference to the finished preparation.

Turpinal® products are ideal chelants or additives in the following applications:

  • In the stabilization of peroxide bonds, in alkaline media specifically
  • As a chelant in hair cosmetics containing mercaptan groups, i.e. thioglycolic acid, thiolactic acid
  • As a means of limiting hair damage caused by bleaching or coloring
  • In the stabilization of bar soaps, where Turpinal® is used as antioxidant and prevents discoloration and rancidity, in particular under the influence of day light
  • In the stabilization of fragrances, which would otherwise lose their strength over time during storage of cosmetic formulations


Personal Care

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