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Treatment of water is our heritage and Italmatch is the origin of many of the chemistries that are commonly found in water treatment today. Our expertise covers all areas of water use:

  • power stations
  • electronics
  • agriculture
  • food and beverage
  • textiles
  • pulp and paper mills

We offer a world class range of products and formulated solutions including scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, coagulants and flocculants all supported by teams of experts across world.


Industrial Water Treatment & Process

Industrial Water Treatment

Italmatch provides the market expertise, manufacturing capability and chemical portfolio to ensure that industrial water treatment operations remain safe, efficient and cost effective.

Our Industrial Water team can supply products and design formulations that prevent scale build up, avoid corrosion, control microbial growth and ensure your waste effluent release remains compliant.

We are experts in providing technical solutions for the treatment of open and closed cooling systems, boilers, reverse osmosis systems and wastewater treatment systems. Our portfolio includes low and high molecular weight polymers, phosphonates, biocides and algaecides:

  • Expertise to design the best combination of Belclene® and Dequest® scale inhibitors and Belsperse® dispersants to control even the most challenging set of operating conditions
  • Novel all organic Bricorr® and Belcor® corrosion technology that can replace traditional zinc or molybdate based corrosion inhibitor products with superior performance and better environmental profile
  • Regulatory approved and effective Bellacide®, BromiCide® and Liquibrom® biocides with both oxidizer and non-oxidizer options to keep systems clean and safe
  • Enhanced smart-tagged Lumiclene® polymers, designed to provide superior performance as scale inhibitors and dispersants in cooling (open and closed) system applications
  • Wide range of Qualipol® and Qualifloc® high molecular weight polymers for wastewater treatment applications to ensure discharge is compliant to local and national requirements


Industrial Process Treatment

We can support your process water needs. We are experts in water treatment for:

  • Agricultural soil conditioners
  • Bridge deicers
  • Comfort heating and cooling
  • Concrete admixtures
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Paper mills
  • Power stations
  • Pulp mills
  • Recreational use
  • Sugar evaporators
  • Wastewater treatment plants
Industrial Water Treatment & Process

Pulp and Paper

With over 40 years’ experience serving the pulp and paper industry Italmatch offers a portfolio that is stable at high temperatures, pressures and pH extremes and are compliant with appropriate FDA regulations:

  • Antiscalants for Kraft digesters and evaporators and bleach stabilizers for pulp mills
  • Biocides for microbiological growth control in white water systems
  • Fiber recovery and wastewater treatment polymers


Industrial Water Treatment & Process

Textile processing

We can optimize efficiency in your bleaching, mercerization and dyeing processes:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is widely used for bleaching textiles. Whilst highly effective, it is not stable at high pH and will decompose. Our stabilizing agents will ensure stability in your process
  • In the dyeing process, metal impurities can impede the performance of the metal dyes. To avoid sequestering of metals we can offer tailored solutions

Contact us to find out more about our range of stabilizers and inhibitors for textile applications.

Industrial Water Treatment & Process

Sugar processing

Sugar is a vital global resource. To ensure supply remains both optimized and cost effective, we offer a range of antiscalants:

  • Sugar evaporators can quickly become blocked as scale builds up, leading to expensive down time to allow for cleaning.
  • Our powerful and versatile product range will ensure your plant always operates at maximum efficiency by significantly reducing downtime to maximize product output and yield

Talk to our experts about our range of food contact approved antiscalants.

We also offer our customers the SugarMaxx® brand line, which is designed to work on color reduction of the sugar cane/beat thin juice by inhibiting the enzymatic process, allowing production efficiency increase and synergistically work as scale inhibitors.

Industrial Water Treatment & Process

Fireside Additives

Thanks to our Firequal® fireside additives brand line, we ensure boiler and plant efficiency by:

  • Inhibiting fireside deposition, inhibit fouling, slagging and corrision
  • Reducing high temperature and low temperature corrosion
Fireside Additives_Italmatch Chemicals Advanced Water Solutions_Fireside chemicals

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