Italmatch AWS: World Leader in Water Additives

Advanced Water Solutions is a business unit of Italmatch Chemicals and is a leading global manufacturer, supplier and innovator of a broad range of specialty water management additives for Industrial Water Treatment & Process, Desalination, Geothermal, Mining, Personal Care and HI&I markets.

It was created after the takeover by Italmatch of the Dequest business from Thermphos and subsequent acquisitions among which the most important are GRS Chemicals (Italy), Solvay’s water treatment chemicals business, Compass Chemicals (USA), Ecolab’s Jianghai (China) and most recently BWA Water Additives and Water Science Technologies (WST) in February 2019.

With strong complementary brands and over 40 years’ experience, the business provides customers with innovative solutions, supported by wide-ranging technical support and dedicated customer service.

Italmatch AWS: World Leader in Water Additives

Our Business

  • 44
  • 53
  • 26
  • 74
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30 patent families and more than 100 granted patents

40 trademarks

19 manufacturing plants

35 distribution and sales locations

Field-based and laboratory support

Dedicated R&D and Technical Support team 30 people

20% of sales come from products <5 years old

Our Markets

  • Fabric & Home Care

    Fabric & Home Care

    More than 50 years ago, Dequest® pioneered the development of phosphonate-based threshold scale inhibitors and chelants which have played a crucial role in the replacement of phosphates as builder systems in household detergent formulations.
  • Industrial & Institutional

    Industrial & Institutional

    Cleaning conditions in Industrial & Institutional are extreme, thanks to its team of experts in the cleaning field, AWS has developed dedicated solutions for Industrial & Institutional applications from automatic dishwashing to car wash and textile cleaning.
  • Industrial Water Treatment & Process

    Industrial Water Treatment & Process

    Treatment of water is our heritage and Italmatch is the origin of many of the chemistries that are commonly found in water treatment today.
  • Membrane Desalination

    Membrane Desalination

    Advances in desalination technology over recent years have meant membrane systems have become a more cost efficient and sustainable way of addressing the huge demand for fresh water today.
  • Thermal Desalination

    Thermal Desalination

    Desalination is a sustainable answer to the problems of limited access to fresh water and Advanced Water Solutions is proud to have been providing water additives for use in thermal desalination processes for almost 50 years.
  • Geothermal


    Geothermal energy is sustainable, affordable and clean. To keep equipment performing at peak efficiency, Advanced Water Solutions offers a dedicated range of geothermal water treatment products that inhibit scale formation and lower energy costs.
  • Mining


    The Italmatch – Advanced Water Solutions range of Ionquest® products for the mining industry includes: Solvent extractants, Metal scavenging and Mining solutions.
  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    Turpinal® products are high purity grades of etidronic acid and sodium etidronate which are suitable for use in cosmetics or any applications requiring a very low metal content.

Case Studies

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  • Industrial Water Treatment & Process

    Bellacide® 337
    Case Study

    Italmatch Chemicals is delighted to announce that a new high performance water treatment biocide has been added to our portfolio.
Bellacide® 337 was effective at controlling Legionella pneumophila levels.
Case Studies

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