April 30, 2024

Meet Dequest® PB: new range of sustainable P-free antiscalants/dispersants for HI&I applications

Dequest® PB is Italmatch Chemicals' new sustainable range of Carboxy Methyl Inulin (CMI) based antiscalants and dispersants for Homecare, Industrial & Institutional applications (HI&I)

Meet Dequest PB new range of sustainable antiscalants for HI&I applications

Italmatch Chemicals is confirming its strong commitment to providing specialty sustainable solutions to the Homecare, Industrial & Institutional markets (HI&I). Thanks to Advanced Water Solutions business unit team, the company has recently developed the Dequest® PB product range: a new line of eco-friendly antiscalant and dispersant additives based on Carboxy Methyl Inulin (CMI). Derived from the roots of the chicory plants, this technology is completely from natural origin, highly biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safer for handling and disposal.

In the cleaning sector, whether for Fabric & Home Care or Industrial & Institutional applications, maintaining high efficiency is crucial and results in a lower water and energy consumption. Dequest® PB range is designed to meet to the most demanding requirements of the cleaning industry, thus reducing the environmental impact of the overall cleaning and water management process.

In line with the increasing demand for naturally derived and sustainable solutions, Italmatch USA Corp. has signed a sole distribution agreement with Univar Solutions for the Dequest® PB product line in the United States and Canada. Backed by Univar’s strong distribution capabilities and technical expertise, this new partnership shows Italmatch commitment to providing its partners with sustainable and circular solutions and will also help our Group to strengthen our position in a strategic market like North America.

For more information, please also visit Univar’s official website >