January 23, 2024

How Lumiclene® works: new video on tagged polymers for cooling towers

A new video about our Lumiclene® smart-tagged polymers technology for industrial water treatment applications

Lumiclene® new video_Italmatch Chemicals Advanced Water Solution_smart-tagged technology for cooling towers

What are the main features of Lumiclene® smart-tagged polymers by Italmatch Chemicals Advanced Water Solutions? How do they work inside cooling towers? Italmatch Chemicals has launched a new video to answer all these questions and showcase the unparalleled benefits of the fluorescent properties of the Lumiclene® line, a new series of enhanced smart-tagged polymers for industrial water treatment applications. In addition to its real-time monitoring feature, the product line is designed to offer superior scale inhibition and dispersing performances in open recirculating and closed cooling tower systems.

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Watch the new Lumiclene® video now: