October 12, 2022

Lumiclene®, Italmatch new enhanced Smart-Tagged Polymers: interview with Alessandro Guidetti

Learn more about Italmatch Chemicals Advanced Water Solutions new Smart-Tagged Polymers line Lumiclene® with Alessandro Guidetti (Global Business Development Manager Industrial Water Treatment & Process)

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An innovative smart solution for Cooling Tower applications and a big step ahead in the digitalization journey of the chemical treatment performance control. Italmatch Chemcials Advanced Water Solutions has recently launched Lumiclene®, a new Smart-Tagged Polymers brand line designed for the Industrial Water Treatment field. What are the main features and highlights of these new solutions? And how can they represent a huge innovation in the cooling water treatment sector? Find out more with Alessandro Guidetti, Global Business Development Manager Industrial Water Treatment & Process.

Alessandro, Italmatch Advanced Water Solutions has recently presented the new Lumiclene® brand line, currently consisting of Lumiclene® 2101 and Lumiclene® 2102. Please tell us more about these new solutions.

Lumiclene® are the new Enhanced Smart-Tagged Polymers developed by Italmatch for Industrial Cooling Water Treatment Applications. Lumiclene® is a revolutionary functional solution specifically designed to provide superior dispersing and scale inhibition capabilities while allowing the online monitoring and control of the free-active polymer in the water. Lumiclene® can be easily detectable with online or portable fluorescent meter instruments commonly available in the market.

What makes Lumiclene® tagged polymers different from the already-existing tracers and PTSA?

The Lumiclene® Enhanced Smart-Tagged Polymers have fluorescent monomer covalently bonded on the polymer back-bone. Therefore the detected fluorescence provides a measurement of the active-free polymer present in solution, which allows a consistent and accurate monitoring of the chemical treatment performance. On the other hand, the existing product tracing technologies, such as PTSA, only provides a measurement of how much product has been dosed. This is a huge innovation step on the digitalization journey which allow a better chemical treatment performance control together with water and product savings.

Can you tell us more about the results of the applicability tests/performance tests conducted on these solutions?

Italmatch R&D team has done a tremendous job on testing the Lumiclene® Enhanced Smart-Tagged Polymers in terms of stability and compatibility vs various parameters such as pH, temperature, presence of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, turbidity and presence of other chemicals commonly used in cooling water treatment formulations like phosphonates, corrosion inhibitors and other polymers. We have also available a number of performance comparison test results vs benchmark and common cooling water treatment chemicals which we are delighted to share with our customers.

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Alessandro Guidetti is an innovative and dynamic professional with +20yr global experience in water and process chemical treatment applications and 5yr operational background in O&G Downstream – Refinery. He has got a MSc in Chemical Engineering at Pisa University and CUNY (City College New York) . He then started his professional career with ENI Refining & Marketing, covering technical and operational roles, before moving to technical marketing and product applications roles in South Europe, Turkey, Russia and Middle East working for GE Water and Suez.